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In Argentina pigeons are a constant plague for farmers, therefore the hunting season is open all year. In many places you can find nesting colonies with millions of breeding birds, and the pigeons are constantly flying to farmland where they feed off the crops the whole day. There is never any bag limit on an Argentinian pigeon shoot and you will experience that the most limiting factor to the numbers on parade is sore shoulders. If you want, you can often fire from 500 up to 1,000 shots during a day! The small fast flying doves are normally shot while they are on passage, but occasionally decoys are used to bring in pigeons, that are slightly smaller than our wood pigeons. We can arrange high volume pigeon shoots with varying degrees of luxurious accommodation and meals, but they all have one thing in common, the hunting is no less than incredible!


Hayes & Hayes is based in Cordoba province, where you fly to Cordoba. The owns more than 10.000 hectares but has far bigger areas. Hayes and Hayes are generally known for their excellent pigeon shooting, but also their high level in terms of accommodation and service attracts many hunters.

There are flights to Cordoba Airport, which is between 35 minutes to a few hours drive from the different accommodation.

The terrain is fairly flat, so it requires no great stamina when it comes to moving around in the area, BUT bird hunting itself requires some stamina. It is of course up to the individual hunter, how much effeort one will put into it, for it is primarily the physics of the hunter, which puts a limit on how many birds you can shoot per. day.

When the day is over, there will be an opportunity to get a well-deserved massage, so the body is again ready for a new day in the office.

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