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Bushbuck, Cape

Scientific Name: Tragelaphus Scriptus

Subspecies: Science dissagree as to how many species there are. We have chosen to include those most relevant to trophy hunters: Tragelaphus s. ornatus, Tragelaphus s. massaicus, Tragelaphus s. sylvaticus.

Distribution: Tragelaphus s. scriptus: The West African States Tragelaphus s. ornatus: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zaire and East Angola Tragelaphus s. massaicus: Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya Tragelaphus s. sylvaticus: South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Habitat: Forest thickets and dense forest, usually never far from water.

Description: Middlesized Anthelope with a shoulderheight of ca. 80 - 100 cm and a weight of 55 - 80 kg. Size vary considerably over their wide range. Anything in colour from light chestnut, with scriptus, to blackish brown in certain individuals of ornatus may be seen. It also varies from subspecies to subspecies whether or not they have white stripes down the sides of the body.

Hunting method: Pursch, lying in wait or driven hunt.

Hunting available in: All African countries with trophy hunting with the exception of Namibia.

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