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Trofæprisliste - England - Muntjac- og kombinationsjagt i Oxford

Trophy Price List (GBP)

Trophy Fees are settled directly in the district


Trophy Fee for Muntjac up to 4 cm  £175.-
Munjtac 4-6 cm          £200,-
Muntjac 6-8 cm              £225.-
Muntjac 8-10 cm      £275.-
Muntjac 10-12 cm       £425,-
Over 12 cm    £475.-

Trophy Fee for Fallow Deer

£200-£475 depending on the trophy quality                                                     

Trophy Fee for Chinese Water Deer of £400,- - £600.-, depending on the trophy size. 

Trophy Fee for Roebuck:

Roebucks up to 200 g  1.50 £
Roebucks over 200 g per g 1.25 £      

N.B. Prices are based on the GBP exchange rate on the 12.10.2016. We reserve the right to adjust these prices in line with exchange rate fluctuations.

The price is based on the cheapest class on the plane and that we make reservations for the price in the event that the cheap classes are sold out


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