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Axis Deer

Scientific Name: Axis axis
Subspecies: None.

Distribution: India, Sri Lanka and southern Nepal. Introduced into Queensland and Victoria (Australia) in 1813 and 1866. Introduced into New Zealand in 1908. Also introduced into Argentine, Brasil, Uruguay, Hawaii, Texas, California and the former Yugoslavia.

Habitat: Open forest with good cover in lowland and hilly regions.

Description: Medium sized deer weighing up to 90 kg and measuring up to 95 cm over the shoulder. It may reach a total body length of 1.75 m without tail (15 cm). General colour rufous brown with white spots. The antlers are forked and have several points.

Hunting method: Stalking and lying in wait, driven hunt from the back of hunting elephants.

Hunting available in: Mainly in the areas of introduction

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