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Dorcas Gazelle

Scientific Name: Gazella dorcas

Subspecies: 8 subspecies are described: 1. Gazella d. saudiya: Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait. 2. Gazella d. Benetti: From East Pakistan to India, Nepal and Bhutan. 3. Gazella d. Fuscifrons: Eastern Iran, Southern Afghanistan. 4. Gazella d. Monssalis: Kaschmir Gazella d. Pelzelni, Gazella d. Littoralis in Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Somalia and Sudan.

Habitat: A semi-desert and desert dweller.

Description: Small greybrown gazelle of 12 - 20 kg. with a shoulder height of 50 - 60 cm. Body lenght without tail (20 cm) up to 1.10 meters. The color is beige tan, maroon sideband. crown and nasal bridge are maroon and the animal has white stripes over the eyes. It has a reddish-brown mane of hair on the knees. The horns are ribbed and lyre-shaped.

Hunting method: Pursch.

Hunting available in: Sudan and Chad.

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