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The Yukon

The ultimate wilderness adventure and world-class trophies!

The hunting district stretches over 5.6 million hectares of absolute wilderness with terrain that varies from scenic mountains, large plateaux, wide valley floors and hundreds of kilometer of river  and countless lakes. It includes the ranges of the Cassiar Mountains, Pelly Mountains and Cambell Mountains, which has the highest mountain in the district at 2.350m.

This hunting district is one of the last large areas that has not yet been divided up and fully explored. Most hunting takes place at an altitude of between 1.000 - 2.000m. The hunting results over the last few years have been fantastic and has produced many record sized trophies, thanks to the size of the district and the low hunting pressure on the game living in this fantastic area of wilderness.

The population of moose here is incredibly dense, estimated to be 3 times higher than seen anywhere else in North America. It is estimated that there are up to 10,000 individuals resident in this district and there are more than 100 different different locations where our outfitter can position visiting hunters.  The trophies of Alaska Yukon Moose are the largest of any moose, the average trophy size of bulls taken here lies around an impressive 60”. However, every season bulls of up to 70” are also taken.

As well as moose, this district is also home to one of the most dense populations of grizzly bear in North America, and is the area that is awarded the most licences annually. There are also smaller populations of mountain caribou, black bear and wolf, which are also possible to shoot during the hunt.

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