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Wild Boar Hunting in Pakistan

Experience an action packed hunt for Indian wild boar in the Punjab. The hunt can be arranged as individual stalking and lying in wait or as a high volume driven hunt for a group of 6 or more hunters


  • Dense populations of game
  • Unlimited shooting
  • Exciting culture
  • Reasonable price

Pakistan is renown for its good population of wild boar, which are officially classified as a farming pest here. As in other muslim countries the local population rarely hunts wild boar, so in many places the population is very dense. Here you will find the Indian subspecies of wild boar, which is very close to the European wild boar in size, but is considered to have a more agressive temperament. Wild boar hunts by Zoon Safari first and foremost are carried out in and around the forests of the Punjabi plains, which is a predominantly farming area

Pakistani Wild Boar Hunting

Wild boar huts can be arranged for as few as one to three hunters and carried out as stalking and lying in wait. If you can put together a group of 6 or more hunters, that can form the basis for a five-day driven hunt, which – depending on your shooting skills and hunter’s luck – can result in a parade of 80 boars or more. The record for Zoon Safari is 115 wild boar on a five day driven hunt. There is  –because of the low hunting pressure here – generally a greater proportion of keilers in the final result than on a typical european hunt. Boar hunts include unlimited shooting of all wild boars – including keilers. Trophy quality is of a comparable quality to east European (Polish / Hungarian) wild boar. A driven hunting tour to Pakistan can therefore easily be a relatively inexpensive affair, especially if the Hunting Gods are kind to your group.

In principle you can hunt wild boar here all year round, but the best period is from mid-November to the end of March. The hunt also doesn’t make any real demands on your level of fitness. However experience of shooting running game – which applies to all driven hunting – is a great advantage.

Accommodation and Hospitality

The accommodation used will vary according to group size and hunting district but is usually in small, local hotels or private bungalows and includes full board. There will be English speaking personnel on hand throughout your tour, but you should expect that most of the locals only speak their native language. Pakistan is a muslim country and very different from Europe land, but nonetheless very hospitable. Expect an exciting meetings of cultures.

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Your own weapons can be brought into the country without problem (in Pakistan wild boars are hunted with rifles, unlike in the muslim countrys where firing slugs from a shotgun fis the preferred method), but expect a processing time for an import permit to take at least four months.

The price includes

  • All transport in the hunting district
  • Accommodation in a hotel or hunting camp with full board
  • All hunting, trophy fee and field preparation of the trophy
  • English speaking interpreter or English speaking PH
  • Import of weapons
  • Visa and all other necessary documentation

The price does not include

  • Return flight to and from your final airport destination
  • Car transport to the hunting district
  • Gratuities
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Any hotel accommodation before or after the hunt
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