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The Szubin state hunting district is 6,430 ha. in size, of which 4,667 is forest while the remaining 1,763 is farmland and meadow. The forest is predominantly coniferous (92%) with scattered areas of oak and birch. The district is largely flat, with a few slightly hilly areas. Szubin offers 86 high seats/stands and 10 feeding places. The district can take up to 5 hunters at a time fore individual hunts, but the optimum number is 3. Driven hunts can be arranged for groups or 12 or more hunters and can carried out together with our district at Lutowko. .

On this district you can find roe deer, red deer, wild boar and some fallow deer. Every year around 30 roe buck are taken here. The normal trophy size is average for Poland, but you have a good chance of finding a buck of over 350g net weight. There is an annual quota of 10 red stags, and here you have a good chance of bagging a stag with a trophy weight of over 6 kg. Each hunting season 3 fallow buck  are available to hunters as well as a few hinds and calves. There is a good population of wild boar on Szubin, individual hunts for them are available throughout the season and driven hunts are arranged in the autumn and winter. There is also the possibility of arranging a so-called combination hunt - a combination of a small-driven hunt and individual hunting - for groups of 4 -6 hunters.

Szubin is 250km from the Kolbaskowo border crossing south of Szczecin, 25 km from Bydgoszcz, which is the nearest major town, and 125 km from Poznan, which is the closest international airport. From Gdansk, where there are also good flight connections, it is 210 km. The drive from the Danish - German border normally takes around 8 hours. You can expect to drive from Rostock in around 6 hours.

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